Bottom-up Business Model Design

Do well and do good

Rural and low-income communities are a fertile ground for many business opportunities. Businesses and non-profit organisations can diversify their revenue sources with sustainable and profit-making interventions while creating positive impact.

Designing and implementing business models in rural and low-income settings is fundamentally different from conventional business model frameworks.

What are some of the unique challenges in a rural setting?


Financial behaviour is dependent on the region, its culture & the time of the year



Previous and existing interventions highly affect attitudes towards new ones



Communities’ interests and priorities
are not easily



Willingness to pay is hard to predict



In smaller communities, project mistakes can have big consequences


We combine state-of-the-art business model innovation tools with our unique User-Perceived Value framework to design, test, evaluate and scale business models which maximize social sustainability and profitability.

“Most poor customers are no different from any other in how they make purchasing decisions; their limited means simply makes them extremely good at assessing risk and value”.

Karima Hirji

    Working with us, your organisation will be able to:

    • Collect user data that reveals unbiased user preferences and willingness to pay 
    • Design business models that fit your product and the rural market.
    • Adapt products and services to the local context.
    • Develop a targeted marketing strategy based on what people value the most.
    • Maximise revenue generation.

    We are results-oriented

    Our work if based on evidence and creates tangible business results.  

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