Community Engagement Planning

Make the local community your strongest supporter

Although many projects have elements of capacity building and training within them, community engagement done wrong often leads to high expenses, low effectiveness and in many cases fast project failure.

Rural settings are full of uncertainties. Local cultural and social norms play a significant part in any communication and agreement. Communities’ interests and priorities are not easily revealed by asking simple questions. And on top of all that, the language is usually unique to the area.

Did You Know?

Incorrect community engagement is one of the leading reasons for project failure in developing countries. (Mott MacDonald, 2018)

At Rural Senses, we spent years of research and practice developing unique frameworks for effective community engagement. We reduce the risk and uncertainties and know how to predict, avoid and solve challenges. Our methods were reviewed by leading practitioners and we believe that they are today’s best practice for working in rural settings.

We guide and support companies throughout the critical phases of community engagement, from inception to completion of successful and sustainable projects by helping them to understand what motivates project beneficiaries and use that to effectively engage and communicate with them.

When to effectively engage with the community?

With whom to engage, and how?

How to learn about the local context?

How to deal with contentious issues?

How to effectively communicate the project’s benefits to the community?

How to solve disagreements?

How to maintain a good relationship with beneficiaries after project completion?

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