Faraj I wish you great professional success in whatever you set out to do from today, a pleasure to have had you in the RS team, I hope your career path continues to expand and you can achieve wonderful things


Faraj, I am sure that whatever you set your mind to do, you will succeed in. Thank you for giving us your valuable knowledge and time and commitment on our projects and helping us get a quality result.. as well as creating structures which are now the backbone of the organisation and its offerings. Wishing you all success and happiness, and hope our paths cross again in the future! Thalia:)**


Faraj, I will miss your mind-blowing experiences and all that you shared. It was truly fascinating to witness how your delicious brain works and connects to the universal tapestry of the universe. You are an amazing mind & computer engineer 😛 Seeing the magic you do, I will be excited to hear about your next projects. Just please, please don’t exchange your soul if tempted with a superpower, only the top of your pinky 😛 The future looks promising and we need magicians like you to bring us there! Let’s stay in touch, visit me in Romania whenever and WP me for more fun_random shares! Be blessed, loved, supported!


Rural Senses ows so much to you for all you have contributed to us. You are really one of the most interesting and unique people I met and also a kick ass developer. Thank you for welcoming me into your home and your family and for showing me around the west bank. You will be very missed and I can’t wait to check in with all of your adventures (I am sure they will be very profitable;0])! Yau P.S. Who will write in the #fun channel now? 🙂


Faraj! Although our paths crossed only for a short while, I've really enjoyed your sharp sense of humor, spirited nature, and overall helpfulness. I wish you the very best in all that comes next on your beautiful life journey!


Ohhh Faraj, I cant believe you are leaving. You are the definition of living life unapologetically and I love. it It has been a joy knowing you as a person and I hope to see you in Kenya soon. Thank you for forcing me to fish. We will not be the same without you, your humor and UFO’s. May the world be your oyster!


Faraj, it has been an absolutely pleasure to welcome you into the Rural Senses family. It is also with great sadness to see you go! Thank you for welcoming us to your home and for all you have done: despite our sometimes unreliable nature (i.e., getting money your wa) you stuck with us. Also, who is going to fill our “fun” channel from here on forth! Please stay in touch, do keep us up to date on the UFOs and hopefully we will see you soon somewhere! Stephi xxx

Thank You and Farewell, Faraj!
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