Impact Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Your impact is wider and deeper than you think

Most existing impact evaluation practices measure only limited and sector specific impact, and fail to capture the actual multidimensional impact any interventions has. As a result, there is a gap between what organisations can measure and what communities experience.


At Rural Senses we are solving this problem. We provide practitioners at all levels with on-demand access to reliable, unbiased and actionable impact data about the communities they serve. The data is collected by and with the communities using our data collection tool that captures community real needs, motivators and drivers. Thanks to our Ai-enhanced data analysis we can provide deep insights faster and more cost effectively than other solutions.   


Our solutions are backed by rigorous research conducted at the University of Cambridge and is supported by leading practitioners.

Rural Senses’ framework is the best existing tool to measure actual impact as it is perceived by the beneficiaries themselves.”

Sir Brian Heap, University of Cambridge

Integrating our tools will allow your organisation to:

  • Constantly monitor projects’ activities, assumptions and results.
  • Identify actionable insights and constantly improve your activities to increase your impact.
  • Report on the wide and deep impact of your projects

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