Our Values

Rural Senses is a social enterprise established with the mission of improving the way organisations interact with rural and low-income communities. Rural Senses aspires to couple social benefits with financial and social sustainability.

We harness professional experience, academic knowledge, economic tools and local wisdom to foster a just and equal society. In all our activities, we are mindful of and according to our four key values.

Today, 100% of Rural Senses profits are reinvested to achieve our social goal. As a social enterprise, we are committed that no less than 51% of our profits will be reinvested back into our social mission at any point in the future.

Rural Senses Values

Local Communities

Increasing Social

Creating Profitable Projects


Understanding Local Communities

We base our assumptions, decisions and actions on understanding the needs, priorities and concerns of local communities. It is very common to assume what local communities want, or what is right for them, without proper understanding of their values and priorities. At best, this may limit the benefits of projects, at worst it can cause harm to the community.

We believe that when working in a rural context, understanding local communities is not a choice, but a requirement. We understand that preferences are not always straightforward or simple, and that they change over time. For that, we developed tools for in-depth understanding of communities and local conditions to enable responsible project design.

Increasing Social Impact

As a company that helps organisations to measure and increase their impact, we are obliged to look deeper into our actions and their long-term consequences. We take the responsibility and the challenge of creating positive and sustainable social impacts. Our understanding of what positive social impact is comes from the communities we work with. We know that good intention is not enough, hence we incorporate forward thinking, ethical behaviour and self-criticism in all our workflows and decision-making processes.

Creating Profitable Projects

We tap into the power of economy to create a sustainable positive social impact. We do that by creating value for multiple stakeholders. While in some cases immediate aid response is the only option, when there is time and space for a considered response, reciprocal value creation mechanisms are paramount for improving people’s lives and conserving the natural environment. We use innovation, resources and passion to challenge current paradigms. We believe it is possible to do good and do well.

Sustainability Mindset

Our definition of sustainability involves the creation of long-lasting projects, that respect all people while preserving the natural environment by minimising harmful project impacts.