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By listening to what people really care about we help organizations use data to inform product and projects design, evaluate the impact of projects and products and create communication strategies

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Using AI-enhanced data analysis and interactive data visualisations we transform complex qualitative and quantitative data into actionable insights.

Our insights are comparable across projects to support organisations that lead multiple projects worldwide. We help organisations to become data-driven and human-centric on both the local and global levels.

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[techland_projects1 shadow=”yes” defimg=”6447″ thintitle=”Data Analysis” title=”Qualitative and Quantitative”]
[techland_section_hading br=”yes” boxed=”yes” subtitle=”HOW IT WORKS” title=”We Capture The Heart” thintitle=”of People’s Stories”]Working through all stages not to lose any details[/techland_section_hading][techland_spacer spacer=”6″]
[techland_projects2 defimg=”6443″ title=”Data” thintitle=”Collection” desc=”We leverage local talents as data collectors, and our proprietary data collection method: User-Perceived Value (UPV) to capture the needs, preferences and resources of local community members. We developed the method during 7-years of research at the University of Cambridge. It uses images and an intuitive, game-like survey to minimise biases and to allow scale.” css=”.vc_custom_1633955238794{padding-bottom: 106.5px !important;}”]
[techland_projects2 defimg=”6446″ title=”Data” thintitle=”Analysis” desc=”We Use AI to make sense of unstructured and qualitative data so it becomes quantifiable and comparable. We can process large volumes of qualitative and quantitative data faster than any alternative using Natural Language Processing (NLP) Data Analysis algorithms that we developed. Through our cost-effective data analysis we help organisations to benefit from new data or to better utilise the data they already collect.”]
[techland_projects2 defimg=”6444″ title=”Interactive” thintitle=”Visualization” desc=”A picture is worth a thousand words and that’s our goal with our visualization. We quantify unstructured qualitative data and present it in different visual imagery formats enabling our clients to extract and share insights with a wide range of stakeholders. This allows you to compare data across projects and sectors. You do not need to be a data expert to benefit from the power of data.” css=”.vc_custom_1633955327464{padding-bottom: 79px !important;}”]
[techland_section_hading boxed=”yes” subtitle=”Meet the Team” thintitle=”TechLand Team”]Our belief is echoed in the words of Halford E. Luccock, “No one can whistle a symphony, It takes a whole orchestra to play it”. [/techland_section_hading][techland_spacer spacer=”6″]
[techland_team3 img=”6488″ name=”Yau Ben-Or” position=”Co-Founder and CEO” icon=”fontello-linkedin” link=”|title:Yau%20on%20Linkedin|target:_blank”]
[techland_team3 name=”Dr. Stephi Hirmer” position=”Co-Founder and Director of Research and Innovation” icon=”fontello-linkedin” link=”|title:Stephi%20on%20Linkedin|target:_blank” img=”6480″]
[techland_team3 name=”Josephine Tumwesige” position=”Country Manager – Uganda” icon=”fontello-linkedin” link=”|title:Josephine%20on%20Linkedin|target:_blank” img=”6477″]
[techland_team3 name=”Thalia Konaris” position=”Senior Relationship Manager and MEL Lead” icon=”fontello-linkedin” link=”|title:Thalia%20on%20Linkedin|target:_blank” img=”6481″]
[techland_team3 img=”6487″ name=”Yair Perry” position=”Head of Product” icon=”fontello-linkedin” link=”|title:Yair%20on%20Linkedin|target:_blank”]
[techland_team3 img=”6476″ name=”Faraj Kasib” position=”Head of Software” icon=”fontello-linkedin” link=”|title:Faraj%20on%20Linkedin|target:_blank”]
[techland_team3 name=”Lauren Newbould” position=”Data Scientist” icon=”fontello-linkedin” link=”|title:Lauren%20on%20Linkedin|target:_blank” img=”6478″]
[techland_team3 img=”6482″ name=”Brandon Lowe” position=”Software Developer” icon=”fontello-linkedin” link=”url:%23″]
[techland_team3 name=”Ngesa Maturu” position=”Business Development Manager” icon=”fontello-linkedin” link=”|title:Ngesa%20on%20Linkedin|target:_blank” img=”6503″]
[techland_team3 name=”Shumi Ahmed” position=”Business Analyst” icon=”fontello-linkedin” link=”|title:Shumi%20on%20Linkedin|target:_blank” img=”6479″]
[techland_team3 name=”Raluca Igret” position=”Learning Facilitator” link=”” img=”6552″ icon=”fontello-linkedin”]
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[techland_team3 name=”Prof. Peter Guthrie” position=”Vice-President, Royal Academy of Engineering” icon=”fontello-linkedin” link=”|title:Peter%20on%20Linkedin|target:_blank” img=”6561″ imgw=”160″ imgh=”160″]
[techland_team3 img=”6567″ name=”Eric James” position=”CEO, Field Ready” icon=”fontello-linkedin” link=”|title:Eric%20on%20LinkedIn%20″ imgw=”160″ imgh=”160″]
[techland_section_hading br=”yes” hcolor=”section-heading–white” subtitle=”Case Studies” title=”Listen to” css=”.vc_custom_1631546362337{padding-right: 30px !important;}” thintitle=”our partners”]Our data allows you to collect and analyse community data anywhere in the world. Giving you transformative insights and benchmarked impact performance to improve your project.

You can monitor projects activities, assumptions and results, Identify actionable insights and constantly improve your activities to increase your impact and report on the wide and deep impact of your projects at speed and scale, [/techland_section_hading][techland_spacer spacer=”6″][techland_testimonial3_slider_container autoplay=”yes” dots=”yes” speed=”600″ timeout=”6000″][techland_testimonial3 imgw=”120″ imgh=”120″ name=”Impact Assessment Framework for Off-Grid Energy Appliances” img=”6456″]Efficiency for Access, a global coalition to accelerate clean energy access through high-performing appliances, hired Rural Senses to assess the impact of off- and weak-grid appliances. 

With Rural Senses’ platform, Efficiency for Access will expand existing quantitative indicators, such as the number of people reached, to a holistic impact assessment which also includes social and economic impact. 

The project is creating a new impact standard that will be used by donors, investors, companies and NGOs, across the off-grid eco-system.[/techland_testimonial3][techland_testimonial3 img=”6455″ imgw=”120″ imgh=”120″ name=”Women and Girls wellbeing in Rural Nepal”]Days for Girls, an international NGO dedicated to young women and girls empowerment in 140+ countries,  sought to improve its MEL: move from anecdotal stories to robust data that is comparable across locations. 

Rural Senses trained local teams remotely to collect data in Nepal. Rural Senses’ algorithms analyze the data to provide customised insights while maintaining personal data privacy. 

Using Rural Sense’s platform, Days for Girls can now know what elements of their interventions are making the most impact in which segments of the community and identify the biggest challenges that still exist. Insights from our platform are used for fundraising, communication and program design.  [/techland_testimonial3][/techland_testimonial3_slider_container]

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We work with our clients and partners to manifest tangible change in communities we operate in, through leveraging data, social capital, science, vision and even some magic 

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