Listen to the Stories, Capture the Numbers

Nonprofits and businesses use the Rural Senses data platform to build, promote and evaluate projects and products based on what people really care about.

We help nonprofits and development agencies

With the Rural Senses data platform you can listen better to the communities you work with!

We help businesses

With the Rural Senses data platform you can build products and services that are truly customer-centric!

We are Rural Senses

Making the unknown known, Making the unheard heard

We collect, analyse and visualise rich data (qualitative and quantitative) about the changing priorities and perceptions of your target communities and audiences.

Thanks to our use of AI and participatory methods, our solution is faster, more personalised and requires little to no technical skills compared to alternatives.

Ready to get meaningful insights?

How do we do it?

What makes us unique?

Data Collection

We leverage local talents as data collectors, and our proprietary data collection method: User-Perceived Value (UPV) to capture the needs, preferences and resources of local community members. We developed the method during 7-years of research at the University of Cambridge. It uses images and an intuitive, game-like survey to minimise biases and to allow scale.

Data Analysis and Visualization

We Use AI to make unstructured data quantifiable and comparable. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) we save you time and can process large volumes of qualitative and quantitative data faster than any alternative. Our beautiful interactive dashboards allow you to effectively communicate results to team members, funders and the general public.

MEL Framework Development

We specialize in end-to-end monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) frameworks. We work closely with partners to develop impact and learning indicators that reflect what is truly important to all stakeholders. We then build technology-enhanced methodologies to collecting and analyzing data to populate the indicators. We then implement a culture of learning through workshops and seminars.

What makes us unique?

AI-Powered qualitative

data analysis

Save time and effort and get fast insights from any qualitative data source. Rural Senses platform can connect to existing data flows such as interviews, social media, call centres and more. Data can be captured in text or voice forms.

Multi-Language support - specialising in local dialects

One of the main challenges working with rural and remote communities is the language barrier. At Rural Senses we solve this with inbuilt translation from local dialects to English. We do that with our unique method of decentralised translation - empowering local talents to translate data on our platform. This way we also create local employment opportunities in low income communities.

From collection to results in days

Tired from getting data after the project ended? Not anymore - with our automated and standards for data collection, processing and analysis we were able to reduce the time it takes for you to get the insights you need.

How to Work with Us in 5 Simple Steps?

1.  Tell us about the type of insights you are looking for. 

2. Choose the service/s you want (MEL framework, data collection, analysis & visualisation).

3. Sit back and relax. We will do the work and might ask you questions as we interact with the different stakeholders.

4. You will receive a link to your personalised online data dashboard.

5. We will provide you with ongoing support and guidance on how to best use the data for taking evidence-driven decisions.