Using AI-enhanced data analysis and user-centric data collection, we make it easy for project developers to understand rural community needs and evaluate project impact, efficiently and accurately.

We Make the Unknown Known

Collecting accurate data on needs and socio-economic impact in rural communities in developing countries is extremely difficult and time-consuming. This hinders effective decision-making in project design, execution and evaluation, and compromises the desired impact.

At Rural Senses we are on a mission to address this challenge. With local data collectors and AI-enhanced data analysis we make comprehensive needs assessment and rigorous impact evaluation simple, fast and affordable.

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Sustainable Project Design and Project Evaluation

We have a suite of tools – proprietary data collection methods and NLP-based data analysis – to uncover community needs and measure project impact of communities in emerging markets.

Our modular services can be customised to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Our team of experts are well equipped to help you make the most use of the data at different stages of the project cycle including project-specific communication, better project design, improved project targeting and impact evaluation.

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